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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Long-Haired Kitty Kare, Part 3 (The End, or the Rear End)

Last, but not least, this is the most difficult, troublesome and touchy area for long-haired kitties to get clumps in their furs. It is bad enough when someone starts running a brush over your back, but most kitties don't like peoples pulling clumps from their sensitive areas. Sometimes they will call in another family member to hog-tie you so you can't move. (So I've been told.)
In case you can't tell, this is my clump-free derriere.
As you can see, there is real potential here for problems. I spend a lot of time every day smoothing out my furs so they look nice. Mom sneaks up from behind now and then and quickly runs a comb through, just in case there's a problem there. (She hasn't found one yet.)

So, I need your comments here.

Why do I not get clumps like other long-haired kitties?
Is it because I am a boy? 
(The Mandu before me was a girl and she had LOTS of problems with clumps.)
Mom read somewhere that long-haired RagDoll kitties don't get clumps. 
Could it be that my great-great-great-great-grandfather was a RagDoll and that's why I am clump-free?
(By the way, I am not bragging--just thankful.)

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Long-Haired Kitty Kare, Part 2

I have to tell you that I take very good care of my furs.
However, I know a lot of kitties with long furs have a real problem with clumps developing under the legs, where they connect with the body. When I am lying on my back (picture not shown), Mom takes a soft brush and, starting at the neck, she brushes all the way to the end (where my tail connects). I have never had any clumps anywhere on my body, but it can be a problem for some long-haired kitties in the late Spring (when the weather starts warming up). Some kitties need some combing and scissor snipping here, in addition to the brushing.

A little secret:  I am VERY ticklish on my tummy, when Mom brushes me there!!

Next (and final posting on the subject): The worst place to get clumps .

Monday, August 8, 2011

Long-Haired Kitty Kare, Part 1

OR, How to avoid getting a Lion Cut.
Trouble Spot #1

Every day, get your person to check behind your ears.
Using a comb or brush, gently run it behind the ears.

While your person is feeling for clumps (aka "rats") behind the ears,  he/she can do a little massage. 
That feels soooo  good!

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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Out Socializing

Time to go see my friends at the Companion Animal Hospital.
Mom explained where we were going, so I was OK with it.

This is the only time I ever get to see one of these........a dog. I turned my back on him, and he shut up. 

The scales. I weigh 12.8 pounds.  Exactly what I weighed last year, they told me.

"Where are your toenails, Mandu?", she asked.

I can't believe she is still looking!

This is the first time I got to meet Dr. Swinamer. She was very nice!

The spa lady is back for more petting.

And, I didn't say any bad words the whole time. (See the needle in her hand?)

That was fun!