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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Naughty Boy



Mom's got all this beautiful fabric lying around. She is always picking it up, admiring it, folding it, pressing it, admiring it some more. I have to agree. I think it is very beautiful. And I love her patterns. Sometimes I spend all night with the fabric. And sometimes I drop a lot of it in the hallway, so when Dad first gets up in the morning, he actually yells, "How did all this fabric get in the hallway??" I leave pieces of my favorite fabrics, ribbons, and patterns all the way from the fabric box to the kitchen. Dad says I need to get over my fabric fetish. He tells Mom to make sure it is put away. (But she has fabric everywhere. Sometimes I find some in the library and sometimes in the sewing room.) I also found where she keeps her patterns in a file box. I found some really old patterns there.
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Anonymous said...

Hi Mandu, Marley here. Glad to see you being naughty. Don't you just love being a Bad Kitty. I do. So does my brother Jude. Keep up the good work.

Your Buddy,

Kea said...

Fabric fetish--MOL! :-D

CCL Wendy said...

Maybe your Daddy thinks you're naughty, Mandu, but I think you just appreciate the beautiful fabric. Perhaps he doesn't realize that it's integral to the fabric of your life. Tell him I said so.

The Island Cats said...

It's hard to ignore pretty fabric like that!

Jacqueline said...

We know you are not being naughty, Mandu; you're just trying to be a good boy by taking an interest in your Mommy's hobby...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

Tober the Cat said...

Well, let's see. Are you tearing and nomming on the fabric or are you just moving it around the house? If you are moving the pretty fabric around the house, then you should tell your Daddy that you want to be an interior designer when you grow up. He won't squoosh your dreams!

Margaret said...

From Mandu's Mom--you should see the look in his eyes when he is with fabric or lace. He really loves it and yes, Tober and everyone--he is really gentle with it and never chews on it. But he really should learn how to fold it back up!