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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Long-Haired Kitty Kare, Part 2

I have to tell you that I take very good care of my furs.
However, I know a lot of kitties with long furs have a real problem with clumps developing under the legs, where they connect with the body. When I am lying on my back (picture not shown), Mom takes a soft brush and, starting at the neck, she brushes all the way to the end (where my tail connects). I have never had any clumps anywhere on my body, but it can be a problem for some long-haired kitties in the late Spring (when the weather starts warming up). Some kitties need some combing and scissor snipping here, in addition to the brushing.

A little secret:  I am VERY ticklish on my tummy, when Mom brushes me there!!

Next (and final posting on the subject): The worst place to get clumps .


Fuzzy Tales said...

Your furs are glorious, Mandu--easy to tell you and your mom take good care of all that floof!

Brian said...

Your furs are very beautiful! One of my sisters (I won't mention her name) has the lumpies!

Kjelle Bus said...

Hi Mandu !
You sure have fluffy fur !
At the moment mine is rather short , I guess it´s because it´s summer ??

P.S Yes we do have Ticks in Sweden , but I have never had any stuck on me just a cople af crawlingones that mom remowed in a split second :)

Repositório said...

You´re a lucky cat because your mother is very capricious.
Kisses Mandu

The Island Cats said...

Your furs are beautiful, Mandu.

I Wonder Wye said...

MANDU -- glad to learn you have taught your 'keepers' to keep your hairs so long and beautiful...glad to see also you weathered your vet trip with dignity.