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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Frustration Box


I understand that some kitties scratch furniture when they are frustrated. I just climb in this box and frantically chew on the flaps. (I have to make it clear that I can't really give out catriatric advice, but I just wanted the little girl who lives in South Africa to know that I didn't get her message of concern on how to influence her Mom. I am a boy, and I don't necessarily know how to deal with girl cat issues, if you know what I mean.)
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Kea said...

Boxes are good to scratch on. So are kitty condos/scratching posts. Our human used double-sided sticky tape on her furniture when she first adopted Annie, because Annie would go for the couch. She also took the time to show us all what to do every morning when we got up, how to scratch the kitty condos. And she did and still does praise us when we do. So we actually don't scratch at the furniture. Or not often. :-))

The Paw Relations said...

Boxes are great for letting out all that pent up frustration

TK and Squashies said...

And what a fine boy you are Mandu.

CCL Wendy said...

Well, Mandu, you are certainly taking your frustration out in the right place (from a human standpoint, that is). Cardboard boxes are a lot easier to replace than furniture.

You look so cute and cozy in there, too.

Sweet Praline said...

Boxes are great to deal with your frustrations. At least you don't take them out on the furniture.

Jacqueline said...

We love boxes and sometimes we chew on the flaps, but mostly, we just hang out in them...kisses gorgeous boy...xo...Calle,Halle,Sukki

Keiko (from Kitty Trio) said...

Oh I loove to tear apart a good cardboard box! It's so much fun!

Tober the Cat said...

I chew on cords a papers when I need to blow off some steam!

Regarding guinea pigs as snacks. . . I think it's best to take the furs off first, otherwise you'd get a terrible terrible hairball (and maybe indigestion).

Huffle Mawson said...

I don't chew on the furniture but I do claw the rug under dad's desk. But I'm allowed to, so it's okay.

Inigo Flufflebum and d'Artagnan Rumblepurr said...

That is a very floofy and handsome photo my friend.

Sónia Mendes said...

Hi Mandu,

I have an award for you, come check it out on my blog...

Purrs from Gotchi

The Island Cats said...

Geez, our mom would like it better if we just crawled into a box too!

GRAÇA said...

Margaret, eu sou uma gata e meu nome é Kika.
Adoro fazer amiguinhos , queres ser minha amiga?
respode-me tenho tradutor no meu blog.
eu tambem adoro caixas de papel.
Vives na Irlanda? eu vivo em Portugal
Ronrons e bom fim de semana