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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Gotchi Gave Me an Award

My furriend, Gotchi, gave me this nice award. He is quite a handsome boy who lives in Portugal. We are about the same age.

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When you receive this award you have to say 9 things about yourself and nominate 9 friends.

9 things about me:
1 - I smile all the time. (Ok, Twinkie--there was that one time in the paper bag!?)
2 - I like to get brushed and combed.
3 - I enjoy getting my toenails clipped.
4 - I love all kinds of boxes and bags.
5 - My purr is not very loud. You have to stick your ear right next to me.
6 - I love to run through my tunnel.
7 - I am fond of dry food. Wet food is yucky.
8 - I love to sit in my cube and gitchi people when they walk by.
9 - When I see Mom or Dad coming, I love to flop down on my back with my feet in the air.

If you would like this award, please leave a comment to that effect, so we can know to look at your blog for 9 things about you. (Mom is super busy this week!)


Kea said...

Congratulations on your award, it was fun to read more about you. We didn't know ANY cat enjoyed getting his/her nails clipped. LOL.

P.S. We have the award already. :-)

Khyra And Sometimes Her Mom said...

KhonKhats on your award!

Thanks fur sharing those purry interesting tidbits about woo!


Batu said...

Congrats on your award - I enjoyed learning those 9 things about you! Never met a Kitty who liked getting toenails clipped!

Anonymous said...

I'm really concerned I'm at the wrong blog. Please re-read number one (BOL). Aye aye aye, you're one interesting cat, you. Congratulations on your award. :)
Twinkie, the non-feline

Margaret said...

Wellllll. Just that one time when I was in the bag......

Anonymous said...

Hey long time no see. When I got over my cold I had some other medical issues pop up. I might not be able to post everyday but Im gonna really try. I just miss you guys so much.

Lots of Love,