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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Sleepy Tuesday


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The mail lady's truck just went through the driveway and woke me up. It's hard to get enough sleep--birds are chirping, Mom is typing....
(Oh! Tomorrow is my big day! I've already been peeking in the birthday bags!)


Kea said...

How rude of everyone and everything to be disturbing your sleep!

Tomorrow is your birthday? We can't wait to see your presents! :-)

TK said...

Oh i bet you can't waits for tomorrow to be here! I hopes you gets lots of pres-ants- gushifuds and catnip and little mouseie toys on a string and... and... and...
Oh- is not my birthday. I hopes you gets stuf YOU wants.

Mr. Grumpster Wilfred III said...

i will be back to wish you a happy b-day tomorrow! get rested up so you are ready for all the excitment of being a Mancat!!!!

Cindy said...

Can't wait! Now you rest up for tomorrow.

Sweet Praline said...

Can't wait for your birthday tomorrow. I hope my mom remembers to let me visit.